Magnet magnetic

Magnet m to magnetic materials like iron or steel himself, the m "power of PHI known as magnetism. The stronger the magnet's magnetic, its force is stronger. In modern life, around us in many household items cleverly applied to the magnet of the magnetic force. Did you know that? ' in our House there is a magnet on the refrigerator door to make the refrigerator door tightly closed!

Making a funny face

1: in a piece of paper and draw a face pattern. Remember to put the eyes, nose and mouth to try to draw some cute face painting hair and eyebrows.

2: Please help your nails filed down on some iron filings and take them in several locations on the paper.

3: holding a paper with one hand and with the other hand take a magnet placed in the paper below. Magnets through the paper attracts iron filings.

4: the choice they can recite their mix business magnets to add to this face on paper mustache, eyebrows and hair. Plexus paint "your funny face, we can put the magnet is removed.

Why would this be?

Magnetic attraction to see each tiny iron filings. When you're in the paper when you move the magnet, iron is magnetic pull on the paper after, when you take off the magnets, iron filings would obediently stay