Magnetic properties of the magnet itself is also generated by the electricity?

Magnet is caused by electrons outside the nucleus. This is also called molecular currents, and is the magnet. However Atomic electrons are many, and their magnetic may cancel each other out, so only when the orbital electron number and distribution resulted in a net magnetic only when certain conditions are met. Copper, aluminum and other metals is to not meet this condition that is not magnetic.

In conductors, all the electrons are moving in the same direction, so magnetic superimposed enhancements. So in copper wires, also produce magnetic.

On the magnetic monopole problem, speak the same way about the book "P.A.M. Dirac from the quantum wave function phase uncertainty of the system based on the conditions of the concluded that magnetic monopoles exist, can be used to explain charge quantization of this theory cannot explain the facts. In the 1970 of the 20th century was set up after a grand unified theory and the study of the early universe requires the existence of magnetic monopoles, magnetic monopole mass weight of 1016 GeV/Coulomb 2 (GeV/C2). ”

Magnet students have a requirement, is the changing magnetic field produces an electric field.