Coated Neodymium Magnets

Coated Neodymium Magnets
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-Coated neodymium magnets are the most capable magnet accessible in the industry.

-Because the major drawback of neodymium magnets is the very low resistance to corrosion, it is coated with the finish to make it resistant to corrosion, oxygen as well as water, which will not break or chip under the most extreme conditions, extending its service time.

-Adopting the superior materials, it is able to perform excellently with fine results that it can operate steadily and consistently for a long period.

-Designed with the high strength and strong construction, it has small size which is portable, and convenient to use with the comfortable using experience.

-It is practical that it can not only hang tools, draw or photos from your work bench, toolbox, or other steel objects but also can be used for fishing, retrieving objects from drains, collecting sewing pins or preventing trash bag sagging. 

-Produced with strict standards and high quality control, the coated neodymium magnets are of premium quality which are capable of being used for a long time.