Neodymium Magnet Grades

Neodymium Magnet Grades
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-Neodymium magnet grades are permanent magnet, meaning that these will not lose their magnetic field regardless of the external conditions. These magnets are extremely robust in regard to their size. 

-The magnet has high magnetic strength that it is among the high eodymium magnet grades which is able to perform steadily and consistently.

-Manufactured with exquisite workmanship, it is convenient to use because of the smooth surface that it has no burrs, which touches comfortable and glossy, harmless to your hands. And it is durable with the resistance to corrosion, oxygen, and water that it can be used over and over again.

-It is renewable that it is eco-friendly that it does no harm to the environment, which is able to protect the Earth. It is user-friendly, cost effective and portable.

-It is available to  use the neodymium magnetic jewelry to cope with minor health issues due to their healing properties.  What's more, it has the high quality, simple operation as well as the excellent performance.