Neodym Magnets

Neodym Magnets
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-Neodym magnets are created from a neodymium iron boron alloy (NdFeB) in an intricate manufacturing proces with the low cost, high performance as well as the efficiency.

-Manufactured with high requirements and refined craftsmanship, it is able to have smooth surface, fluent lines and rounded points with superior quality, providing the comfortable using experience.

-It is available to offer all kinds of size and shape that you will get the suitable one which can perform steadily and excellently. It is endurable with premium quality, high strength as well as the compact construction.

-Once the last dimensions for the magnet was met by machining, the Neodymium magnet is provided a protective coating. There are different elements that are utilised to raise the coercivity, to obtain lower oxidation characteristics.

-They are often used in kids' toys, as well as commercial-grade equipment and supplies. They can also be used to create jewelry.