Neodynamic Magnet

Neodynamic Magnet
Product Details


-Neodynamic magnet is manufactured with strict standards as well as high quality control, which is of guaranteed quality that it is endurable with extended service life. And it is cost effective with the simple operation.

-It is resistant to demagnetization that it is available to perform steadily and excellently with fine results.

-The magnet is strong enough to lift weights of two lbs. Neodymium magnets are extremely strong permanent magnets. 

-Smooth surface, it is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly, which is able to provide the comfortable using experience. And it is waterproof with the resistance to corrosion and oxygen, prolonging its service life.

-They can be made into any shape imaginable, thus, you will get the suitable one which is able to be made according to your requirements.

-Neodynamic magnet is widely used in electronics, such as the speaker in order to attain an assortment of tone qualities.