Strong Rare Earth Magnets

Strong Rare Earth Magnets
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-Strong rare earth magnets are painted with the finish that it is able to be resistant to corrosion, oxygen and water, which can greatly prolong its service life.

-And it is light in weight with small size, which is quite portable with the comfortable using experience. And it is endurable with extended lifespan that it can be used over and over again.

-Manufactured with strict standards which is able to meet the international requirements, it is delicate with the smooth and glossy surface, doing no harm to the human body. Also, it is cost effective, environmentally friendly and healthy.

-Strong rare earth magnets are useful and practical which can be used for refrigerator magnets or for science experiments and everything in between, which are widely used in daily life.

-Customized service is available that the magnets will be made according to your requirements, from the size, color to shape.