A Brief Introduction To The Multi-application Of Magnets In Different Industries

A brief introduction to the multi-application of magnets in different industries

Magnet use a wide range, in fact, from a certain point of view, the earth is also a huge magnet, north and south poles are the two poles of the big magnet. From thousands of years ago, people have found the natural existence of natural magnetized stone, and to be used. After thousands of years of development, magnets have become an indispensable and powerful material in our lives, and are extremely important in many areas, including new areas.

In the modern military, the use of magnet material is very wide. For example, now the popular stealth aircraft, the use of magnet magnetic force, the absorption of radar electromagnetic waves, so that the radar can not detect the aircraft radio waves, so as to achieve the effect of aircraft stealth. Another example is the installation of magnetic sensors on landmines, without direct contact with landmines, as long as the target into the magnetic field within the range, causing changes in the magnetic field, you can detonate mines, greatly improving the lethality of landmines.

In biomedical, magnets are also very useful. In medicine, we can use nuclear magnetic resonance diagnosis of abnormal tissue in the human body, the use of the role of magnetic field interference, the body of the atomic nucleus rotation axis orderly arrangement, the movement of the nucleus distribution image, you can see the normal organization or not. Another magnetic therapy is now a popular medical means, the use of magnetic field to correct the body's biological magnetic field, to achieve the purpose of treatment of disease.

In the field of scientific inquiry, such as astronomy, geology and other magnets are widely used. The galaxies in the universe have their own magnetic fields. Such as the sun sunspot movement on our lives have a great impact, serious will make the earth communication interruption, the study of sunspots have a very important role. Because all the material has a certain magnetic, if a large range of aggregation, it will interfere with the nearby magnetic field, according to this feature, you can separate the different minerals.

Magnets are of course useful in these areas, and there are many uses in industrial production and daily life.