Application Of NdFeB Magnet In Medical

  Application of NdFeB Magnet in Medical

  NdFeB permanent magnet is the national 863 project project high-tech materials. He can produce is a simulation of the magnetic field characteristics of the biological magnetic field, stable performance! The role of the human body can correct the magnetic field of the human body itself, and by enhancing the human body meridian bio-electromagnetic energy, to promote the gas running, so as to achieve through the meridians, increase blood supply to the brain, reduce cerebral cortical peripheral nerve excitability, Joint tissue metabolism, hypnosis, analgesia, sedation, blood circulation and the effect of eliminating anxiety. Currently used to treat insomnia, neurasthenia, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder and other chronic diseases, and these diseases caused by pain, numbness and other symptoms.

  What is the appearance of rust on the surface of the magnet?

  We often see the NdFeB magnets after a period of time the surface will appear white or other colors of the spots, and slowly develop will become rust, which is how the matter,

  Under normal circumstances, the plating magnet coating is not easy to rust, the reasons for the emergence of rust will generally have the following circumstances: 1. Magnet stored in the wet, poor air circulation, temperature changes in the place,

  2. The dirt on the surface of the magnet before plating is not well cleaned;

  3. The time of plating is not enough or the process flow problem;

  4. Magnetting of the magnet caused by the sealing of the seal of the magnet;

  More than the surface of the magnet for the most common problems, you can observe the next observation