Can A Strong Magnet Demagnetize At Low Temperatures?

  Can a strong magnet demagnetize at low temperatures?

  A: strong magnet encountered high temperature or temperature over the use of temperature will appear when the demagnetization phenomenon, then if the strong magnet in the face of low temperature environment, whether it will appear demagnetization? We know that the maximum temperature of NdFeB magnets is 220 degrees, the conventional temperature of 80 degrees, when the temperature close to or more than the scope of NdFeB magnets can withstand, there will be demagnetization phenomenon, the longer the magnet magnetic force More, to reach a certain time the magnet will be completely degaussing.

  Ferrite magnets can be close to the maximum temperature of 500 degrees, and ferrite magnets can not withstand such a low temperature environment, through the authority of the test results, ferrite magnets in the low temperature environment to about 40 degrees began to demagnetize, this environment , The probability of occurrence in the north more, so in some outdoor supplies on the use of ferrite magnets is relatively small, and NdFeB magnets on the relatively stable, timely in low temperature 40 degrees magnetic flux rate or More stable, so in the north of the outdoor products when used mostly NdFeB strong magnets, such as communication antenna, automatic sensor barrier, monitoring camera and so on.