How Is The Role Of The Magnet Produced

How is the role of the magnet produced?

Usually magnets are made of steel or iron. Steel is very pure iron. The shape of a magnet, often used as an imaging "u" horseshoe or rod. It can suck up metal pins and nails, but it has no effect on glass, chips or paper. A magnet is composed of many tiny magnetic fields. Each magnetic field is like a miniature magnet, neatly arranged, tightly pulled, resulting in magnetic force. Magnet suction can penetrate the paper, pad, glass or water and other substances to attract small nails, but the magnet can't absorb things, magnetic force is almost impossible to effect it. Any metal that can be sucked by magnets is also made up of magnetic fields, but they are irregularly arranged. The magnets can be arranged neatly, and the metal becomes a magnet. The range of magnets that can appeal to an iron is called a magnetic field. A powerful magnet absorbs objects farther away than magnetic magnets: that is, it has a relatively strong magnetic field.

Second, which part of the magnet is the strongest magnetic force?

Magnets have the strongest magnetic ends, called magnetic poles. When we suspend the magnet and rotate it until it is stationary, the southern end is called the South Pole, the S pole, the other end called the Arctic, and the N pole. Magnets closer to the central part of the smaller magnetic force, the central not nearly no magnetic force, so can't absorb the needle back.

III. Destruction of Magnets

To throw a magnetized needle repeatedly onto the table will cause the magnetic field to vibrate and become an irregular state, destroying the original magnetic force.

Magnet Manufacturing

Some substances can be rubbed into magnets, material is not iron, or steel, but not all steel can be made into magnets because they contain their substance and stainless steel cannot act as magnets.

Now let's make magnets, magnets and a screwdriver is the material you need, take a magnet to rub the metal part of the screwdriver, from one end to the other, they rub repeatedly, and they can create a magnetic screwdriver.