How Long Can The Strength Of The Magnets Hold For A Long Time?

  How long can the strength of the magnets hold for a long time?

  This is a question about the strength of the magnetic force, in theory, a magnet whose magnetic field scale is infinite, we used to say that the suction, refers to the large enough attraction, as to how large enough, depending on many elements The specification of the.

  In accordance with the practice of magnets, powerful magnets are commonly known as permanent magnets, the professional name of rare earth NdFeB magnets, is a unique rare metal doped with some other metal materials made of sintered in the magnet species claimed magnetic king; The most powerful, high-performance, can be electroplated, (the most commonly used as long as the galvanized ZN, nickel-plated NI; also some special requests, such as gold, silver, color plating, according to the demand we can plating) More than a dozen kinds of information made of mixed, and the size of the magnetic force is the proportion of these key information occurred. Therefore, if it is a professional magnet factory, and customers in the process of communication must be based on the practice of the proposed application of the request, to provide appropriate magnetic size (suction size) of the goods to ensure the normal use of goods.

  Like the strength of the magnet magnets are also subject to many external conditions of the constraints, such as the use of occasions, temperature, humidity and other elements will be a long time loss of strong magnets magnets. The device approach is also a very important element. For example: the same size of the powerful magnets, because the trademark is not the same, the needle on the same piece of suction is not the same as the suction. The other is still the same size of the magnet, we also use the same trademark, but the positive suction and the side of the adsorption of an object we practice the test out of the suction size is not the same, and then clarified, straight device straight suction level of horizontal device adsorption The size is not the same. Therefore, if you want to understand and purchase to the real strength of the powerful magnet is still the demand to the specifications of the factory to purchase, so to ensure the stability of the data and accurate suction size see the basis.

  On the strong magnet of the magnetic function of the insistence, the industry has done for many years to discuss, because the use of powerful magnets and the use of environmentally friendly varieties of goods, in the case of conventional, strong magnet suction is not affected by the outside world, Called the permanent magnet, but on the use of special envoy, such as resistance to salt spray corrosion, etc., on the powerful magnet itself will be very large external damage, so the magnetic force will certainly be affected, over time The magnetic function must be lost, so in a special environment, the demand for the selection of suitable special environment of the original data and the appropriate plating maintenance, so that the magnet to ensure that the permanent metal suction.