Magnet A Substance That Can Be Attracted To Each Other Or Mutually Exclusive

Magnets are substances that can be attracted to each other or mutually exclusive. If a small molecule inside an object can be arranged in the same direction, it becomes a magnet. Ingredients are iron, cobalt, nickel and other atomic structure of the special, the atom itself has a magnetic moment, the general arrangement of these mineral molecules chaos. Magnetic field on each other can not show the magnetic, but in the external force (such as magnetic field) under the guidance of molecular alignment direction tends to coincide, it shows the magnetic, that is commonly known as the magnet. Iron, cobalt, nickel, is the most commonly used magnetic material, basically the magnetic sub-permanent magnet and soft iron, permanent magnet is coupled with strong magnetic, so that the magnetic material spin and the electronic angular momentum into a fixed direction, soft magnetic Plus the current (also a method of adding magnetic force) and other current to remove the soft iron will slowly lose the magnetic.

Magnet is a magnetic field can produce objects, as a magnetic dipole, can attract ferromagnetic substances such as iron, nickel, cobalt and other metals. Pole is determined by a fine line hanging a magnet, pointing to the north of the magnetic pole is called the north pole or N pole, pointing to the south of the magnetic pole for the pole or S pole. (If the earth would like a large magnet, then the Earth's magnetic north pole is the S pole, the magnetotelluric is the N pole.) Magnet dissimilar is the same, the same pole is excluded. The guide pole and the north pole to absorb, guide pole and guide pole repulsion, referring to the North and the North polar repulsion.

Magnets can be divided into "permanent magnets" and "non-permanent magnets". Permanent magnets can be natural products, also known as natural magnets, can also be manufactured by artificial (the strongest magnet is NdFeB magnets). Non-permanent magnets, such as electromagnets, exhibit magnetic properties only under certain conditions.

Magnetic application

"In the traditional industry application":

In the magnetic material of the magnetic source, electromagnetic induction, magnetic "device", we have mentioned some of the practical application of magnetic materials. In fact, magnetic materials have been widely used in all aspects of traditional industries.

For example, if there is no magnetic material, electrification becomes impossible, because the power generation to use the generator, the transmission to use the transformer, power machinery to use the motor, telephone, radio and television to use the speaker. Many instruments have to use the magnet coil structure. These are already talking about other content.

"Magnetic applications in the biosphere and medical community":

Pigeon lovers know that if the pigeons fly hundreds of kilometers away, they will automatically homing. Why do pigeons have such a good skill? Originally, pigeons are very sensitive to the Earth's magnetic field, they can use the Earth's magnetic field changes to find their own home. If a pig is tied to the head of the pigeon, the pigeons will fly. If the pigeons fly over the radio tower, powerful electromagnetic interference will also make them lost.

"Magnetic applications in the fields of astronomy, geology, archeology and mining":

Sunspots are the area where the sun's magnetic field is very violent. The outbreak of sunspots has had an impact on our lives, such as the temporary disruption of radiocommunications. Therefore, the study of sunspots is of great importance to us.

Geomagnetic changes can be used to explore deposits. Since all matter has strong or weak magnetic properties, if they are gathered together to form a deposit, then the geomagnetic field in the vicinity will inevitably interfere with the geomagnetic field. According to this, it is possible to measure the magnetic properties of the earth in the land, the ocean or the air, obtain the geomagnetic map, analyze and further explore the area where the magnetic field is abnormal on the magnetotelluric map, and can often find unknown mineral deposits or special geological structures.

Rocks of different geological times tend to have different magnetic properties. Therefore, according to the magnetic support of the rock to determine the geological age changes and crustal changes.

Many mineral resources are symbiotic, that is, several minerals together, they have different magnetic properties. With this feature, people have developed magnetic separator, the use of different components of different minerals and magnetic differences between the magnetic strength, with magnets to attract these substances, then they are attracted by the attraction, the results can be mixed together Different magnetic minerals separated, to achieve a magnetic dressing.

"Magnetic applications in the military field":

Magnetic materials in the military field has also been widely used. For example, ordinary mines or mines can only explode when they are exposed to targets, so the role is limited. If the magnetic sensors are installed on mines or mines, the tanks or warships are made of steel and, when they are close to (without touching the target), the sensor can detect changes in the magnetic field to cause the mine or mine to explode and increase the lethality.

In modern warfare, air supremacy is one of the keys to victory. But the aircraft in the flight process is easy to be detected by the enemy's radar, which has a greater risk. In order to avoid the monitoring of enemy radar, the surface of the aircraft can be coated with a special layer of magnetic material - absorbing material, it can absorb the radar emitted electromagnetic waves, making the radar electromagnetic waves rarely reflect, so the enemy radar can not detect radar echo , Can not find the aircraft, which makes the aircraft to achieve the purpose of stealth. This is the famous "stealth aircraft". Stealth technology is the world's military research field of a hot spot. The US F117 stealth fighter is an example of the successful use of stealth technology.

In the United States, "Star Wars" program, there is a new type of weapons "electromagnetic weapons" development research. The traditional artillery is the use of ammunition explosion when the instantaneous expansion of the thrust generated by the rapid acceleration of shells, the introduction of gun chamber. The electromagnetic gun is the shells on the solenoid, the solenoid power, then the magnetic field generated by the solenoid on the shells will have a huge driving force, the shells shot out. This is the so-called electromagnetic gun. Similar to electromagnetic missiles and so on.