Magnet On The Human Body

Has a very strong magnetic field of the Earth, and slowly, bio geomagnetic adapt and rely on.

When the magnetic objects (especially Sun), restriction of activities, magnetic direction and the intensity when the sudden rule change, it will affect the growth and health of the human body.

Research on Paleontology, observed in the Earth's magnetic field weakens, some creatures of the Earth a significant reduction or even extinction.

Magnets are mostly physical magnet, harmful to the human body. Traditional poles merge using magnets, the magnetic wave summation is positively magnetic field effect on health, pollution is a magnetic field.

A small magnet can be several centimetres long nails attract. Bell, the table next to the magnet may affect accurate.

General use of small magnets, the magnetic flux density is unlikely, should be nothing serious effects in humans.

Strong magnetic radiation is harmful to humans, access to information, 3000 Gauss (unit of magnetic field) the following magnet, not harmful, magnets magnetic field intensity for more than 3000, is harmful to the body.

People used to fish, mice, termites, snails, experiments on animals such as fruit flies and worms, found in rodents in a strong homogeneous magnetic field, slow-growing but short-lived; in non-uniform magnetic field, the mortality rate will increase; up to 3000~4000 of Gauss under stable magnetic field, can make it disappear by sexual cycle.

Magnetic fields penetrating damage the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system ... ... To biological growth, activity and behavior, has important implications.