Magnet What Is The Use Of

Magnets are substances that can be attracted to each other or mutually exclusive. If a small molecule inside an object can be arranged in the same direction, it becomes a magnet. Ingredients are iron, cobalt, nickel and other atomic structure of the special, the atom itself has a magnetic moment, the general arrangement of these mineral molecules chaos. Magnetic field on each other can not show the magnetic, but in the external force (such as magnetic field) under the direction of molecular alignment tend to be consistent, it shows the magnetic, that is commonly known as the magnet. Iron, cobalt, nickel, is the most commonly used magnetic material, basically the magnetic sub-permanent magnet and soft iron, permanent magnet is coupled with strong magnetic, magnetic material spin and electronic angular momentum into a fixed direction, soft magnetic Plus the current (also a method of adding magnetic force) and other current to remove the soft iron will slowly lose the magnetic.

Magnets are generally divided into five categories: NdFeB, permanent ferrite, samarium cobalt magnet, alnico magnet, rubber magnetic.

1. NdFeB permanent magnet is the most powerful permanent magnet magnet, the application is the most extensive. Its main application in electro-acoustic, permanent magnet motor, communications, automotive electronics, magnetic machinery, aerospace, computers, household appliances, medical equipment, office automation, toys, packaging, leather products, magnetic jewelry and other fields.

2. Permanent magnet ferrite meters, generators, telephones, loudspeakers, televisions and microwave devices used as a constant magnet, also used for recorders, pickups, speakers, also used for a variety of instrument core, for Radar, communications, navigation, telemetry and other electronic equipment.

3. SmCo magnet working temperature can be up to 300 degrees, at the same time with corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, has been widely used in detectors, generators, radar, instrumentation, and other precision technology.

4. Al-Ni-Co magnet high temperature, corrosion resistance. Mainly used in motors, sensors, medical equipment, hand tools, tweeter and a variety of instruments.

5. Rubber magnets are different and heterosexual, homosexual suction is relatively weak mainly used for publicity (refrigerator, car stickers, etc.), decorative gifts, refrigerator magnetic paste, toys, teaching materials, etc. The opposite sex magnet force can be used for small motor , Sensors, magnetic adsorption supplies.