Medical Role For ND-Fe-b

In medical aspects, ND Iron Boron for for human can on human itself of magnetic field for correction, and through enhanced human meridian of biological electromagnetic can, promoted by gas run, to reached pass Meridian, and increased brain Department for blood for oxygen, and reduced cortex peripheral nerve of excited sex, increased lung, and spleen, and liver, and and anal week, organ and local of of for blood for oxygen promote local of blood cycle, and vein blood of return, reduced capillaries of permeability sex, promote inflammation of absorption and dissipated and produced promote bone joint organization metabolism, and hypnosis, and Anti-inflammatory analgesic and sedative, effect of activating blood circulation and eliminating anxiety. Often used to physical therapy for many diseases.

1. neurological disorders such as insomnia, neurasthenia, headache, and so on.

2. bone and joint diseases of the muscular system: cervical spondylosis, osseous hyperplasia, PERIARTHRITIS, lumbar muscle strain, disc herniation.

3. other: high blood pressure, cerebral ischemia, cerebral blood flow slow, stroke, bronchitis, asthma, constipation, hemorrhoids, and many other diseases, as well as pain caused by these diseases, numbness and other symptoms.