On The Effect Of Power Magnet On Medical Care

  On the Effect of Power Magnet on Medical Care

  Strong magnet in medicine, the use of nuclear magnetic resonance can diagnose the body's abnormal tissue, distinguish disease, which is familiar with the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technology, the principle: the nucleus with positive electricity, and spin motion. In general, the placement of the nucleus spin axis is irregular, but when placed in an applied magnetic field, the spin spin space orientation changes from disorder to order. The magnetization vector of the spin system is added step by step, and when the system reaches equilibrium, the magnetization reaches the steady value. Assuming that the nuclear spin system is now outside the role, such as a certain frequency of radio frequency can cause the resonance effect of the nucleus.

  After the radio frequency pulse intermittent, the spin system has been intensified nuclei, can not adhere to this situation, will return to the magnetic field of the original release of the situation, and the release of tiny energy, into a radio signal, this many signals detected, And when the space resolution, to get the movement of the nucleus scattered pictures. Nuclear magnetic resonance is characterized by the activity of liquid does not occur signal known as the activity effect or activity blank effect. So the blood vessels are gray and white tubular structure, and the blood is no signal black. So that the blood vessels are very simple to separate the soft tissue. Normal spinal cord around the cerebrospinal fluid surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid is black, and a white dura mater for fat contrast, so that the spinal cord flashed as a strong signal structure of white. Nuclear magnetic resonance has been used in the imaging of the system of the whole body. The best role is the brain, and its spinal cord, heart blood vessels, joint bones, soft tissue and pelvic cavity.

  Cardiovascular disease can not only investigate the various changes in the chamber, large vessels and valves, but also for ventricular analysis, qualitative and semi-quantitative diagnosis, can be used for multiple sections, high spatial resolution, flashing heart and lesions , And its relationship with the surrounding structure, superior to other X-ray imaging, two-dimensional ultrasound, nuclide and CT view. Magnetic can not only be diagnosed, but also can help treat the disease.