Principle Of ND-Fe-b Storage

Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnet is an energy density of neodymium-Iron-Boron high energy storage device. Using it, you can efficiently achieve energy conversion and information, while it itself does not consume power.

Therefore, permanent magnetic energy density, the higher in the air gap or have a certain magnetic field around Hg smaller magnet size required. Left is a different energy storage density of magnets magnet volume required for space have a certain magnetic field around it. Cross is our figures of magnets for years, magnet magnet type are marked below. Inches see voids the same magnetic field (magnetic flux), the required volume of ND-Fe-b magnets are magnetic granular-Dan (c steel) 1/60,AINiCb magnet 1/5,SmC05 magnet.

Modern science and technology and information industry is to integrated of, and miniaturization, and Super miniaturization, and light quantitative, and intelligent of direction development, and has super high-energy density of Nd-Fe-B water magnetic material} appeared, powerful to promote modern science technical wood and information industry of development, Nd-Fe-B pm material is promote contemporary technology and social progress of important of material based one of, for new industry of appeared provides has material guarantee.