Rubber Magnetic Is One Of The Ferrite Cords Series

Rubber magnetic products

Rubber magnetic Let me come to the following company, to tell you about the rubber magnetic products:

Rubber magnetic is one of the series of ferrite cords, which is made of a combination of ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber, which is made of flexible, elastic and twisted by extrusion molding, calendering, injection molding and the like. magnet. Machined into strips, rolls, flakes, lumps, rings and various complex shapes.

Rubber magnetic material properties:

Rubber magnetic Product Features:

With the flexibility, flexibility, can be around the curve, after extrusion, rolling, injection, mold molding and other processes can be produced into a roll, sheet, strip, block, ring and a variety of complex shapes. It can also cover the surface of PVC sheet, coated paper, double-sided adhesive, UV coating, or color printing die cut into various shapes.

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