Small Magnets Can Identify Genuine Silver

  Small magnets can identify genuine silver

  Silver jewelry because of low prices and stylish appearance, very popular with young women, but in these dazzling silver jewelry filled with a large number of fake to shoddy, with this doubt, will use a magnet to do a group of experiments Untie this confused

  First use real silver jewelry on the magnet around us and then "anti-silver" near the magnet

  So there is no attractive between the silver and small magnets and imitation silver jewelry with the magnet there is a mutual attraction between the magnet is mainly due to the adsorption of ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, and imitation silver jewelry The main ingredient is alloy copper nickel and alloy steel nickel plating has the presence of nickel, so they can attract each other. But silver is not ferromagnetic material, so it can not be between each other with the magnet attraction.

  Magnet can really identify the true and false silverware, a simple test is a good choice, but still have to remind you that the most professional and most scientific way to professional testing organizations, with professional equipment to identify the silver you buy in the end is not true of.