Teach You To Tell The Quality Of The Magnet

  Teach you to tell the quality of the magnet

  AQSIQ Disadvantages Commodity Management Center recently released for the warning of the cost of magnet toys. Some of the magnets are rich in magnetic parts or small balls, if the child swallowed or inhaled, there may be suffocation; if the child swallowed two or more powerful magnets, may swallow the powerful magnets and other ferromagnetic objects (iron, Cobalt, nickel), the magnet in the digestive system with another magnet (or ferromagnetic objects) adsorption, and the pressure on the intestinal wall, may cause gastrointestinal perforation or intestinal obstruction, severe may endanger life. In many cases, these magnetic parts need to be surgically removed to create persistent damage to the child's digestive tract. At home and abroad are issued several similar damage accidents.

  The precautions that consumers can adopt are:

  When buying a magnet toy, you should pay attention to whether there is a small magnetic parts in the product, especially the small magnetic parts. Do not let children under the age of 8 play toys rich in magnetic small parts to prevent children from swallowing or inhalation of magnetic small parts, the formation of suffocation, intestinal perforation and other injuries; 8 years old and older children in the play such toys , Parents should carefully read the relevant warnings, and do a good job guarding and the necessary tips to avoid accidents.

  If the guardian found that children swallowed or inhaled magnetic small parts, perhaps children with sudden abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea and other suspected swallowed magnetic small parts of the clinical manifestations, should immediately seek medical treatment. In the incident has occurred, some children in the early days of swallowing magnetic small parts only show suspected influenza performance, there may be misdiagnosis, delay treatment, the child will form severe damage.

  Strong magnet manufacturers tell you that NdFeB permanent magnet is also called modern industrial monosodium glutamate, as a modern industrial main high-performance magnetic materials to promote the field of contemporary technology and social progress, widely used in various areas, how to determine the most comprehensive permanent magnet products The strength of the magnets; the appearance of the coating.

  Magnetic function: First, the key to the resolution is to manipulate the magnetic properties of the raw materials of the production process.

  1, raw material manufacturers based on business needs or mid-range or grade low-sintered NdFeB, in the quality of raw materials to buy the national standard rules, the company only sell high-grade NdFeB.

  2, the advanced nature of production technology also determines the functional quality of the magnet.

  3, the production process of quality control is very important.

  Magnet shape size and official value: the use of NdFeB magnets in a variety of shapes, such as round, shaped, square, tile shape, trapezoidal. The same size of the material is not the same machine cutting rough materials for processing, advanced skills and machine operators to determine the accuracy of the goods.

  Appearance coating treatment: the appearance of the coating quality of the coating, zinc, nickel, nickel copper and nickel electroplating copper and gold plating technology. The customer can request a plating option for the item. NdFeB product quality of the pros and cons, a brief summary, is to master the function, the scale of official control, to determine the appearance of the coating inspection and evaluation. The thickness of the coating, the coating color and brightness and coating adhesion, and can be observed through the appearance of the magnet smooth appearance, with or without mottled, there are No drop off the corner to evaluate the quality of the goods.