The Difference Between Regular Magnets And Strong Magnets

  The difference between regular magnets and strong magnets

  Often, people generally think so,

  Usually the magnet is a black magnet, magnetic relatively weak; strong magnet for the white magnet, magnetic relatively strong. Really want to see the difference as follows:

  Power magnets are usually aluminum-iron-boron structure, the normal magnetite according to your meaning should be the usual ferrite raw materials.

  Rare earth NdFeB magnets (commonly known as: strong magnets, electroplated magnets, magnets)

  Is the most unique magnetic force, high function, can be electroplated, (the most commonly used as long as the galvanized ZN, nickel-plated, nickel-plated, nickel-plated, nickel-plated, nickel-plated, nickel-plated NI; also some special requirements, such as gold-plated, silver, plated, etc., according to the need we can electroplating) shipping fast, easy to transport, is widely used in shopping malls are the most common of a magnet; , Electronics, electrical appliances, mining equipment, electrical and other fields;


  Its primary ingredient is ferric oxide. It is made of molded, hard texture, brittle material, because the ferrite magnets have excellent temperature resistance, low price, moderate function, is also widely used in shopping malls permanent magnets. Features: homogeneous Y10 Y20 Y25 heterosexual Y30; heterosexual than the same magnetic force is better, the hardness should be strong; the opposite sex can also be used to strengthen the type of Y30BH; the same is true, low temperature, high temperature, easy to oxidize, poor magnetic transport,

  So because of the different raw materials and structure, which makes the role between the two is not the same. Landlord want to do what, this must first understand.

  Aluminum iron boron single magnetic field suction than ferrite about 30 to 50 times (the same as the standard premise), combined magnetic system inside the aluminum iron boron magnetic field strength higher.

  Please note: the ferrite magnet device is very convenient, but the installation of aluminum iron boron combination of magnetic system, the professional equipment personnel to carry out the device, or may cause the staff to be injured.