The Reason Why The Price Of The Magnets Is Changed

  The reason why the price of the magnets is changed

  Ferrite magnets shopping malls reflect:

  Advantages: the lowest offer, good temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance, functional offer better (usually we are common with the radio speakers and audio speakers that) defects: low function and.

  NdFeB strong magnet of the mall reflects:

  Strengths: the highest function, offer, the strength is good. Defects: Not high temperature and corrosion

  Samarium cobalt magnet of the mall reflects:

  Advantages: high function, excellent temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance. Defect: the highest offer

  Al-Ni-Co magnet in the mall reflects:

  Advantages: offer, excellent temperature characteristics, corrosion resistance, defects: poor resistance to interference, low function and.

  SmCo, ferrite, NdFeB can be made by sintering and bonding method, sintering magnetic function is high, forming poor, good shape of bonded magnet, the function of many drops.

  AlNiCo can be used forging and sintering method, forging magnet function is higher, good formability, sintered magnets lower, good shape.

  Power magnets prices one of the factors: the State Council on the maintenance and finishing of rare earth occupations

  The state of the entire Rare Earth professional maintenance and sustainable development of finishing, since it is necessary to maintain the order to close some of the production capacity is too backward private small mines, combined with some companies, so that rare earth mining company to control the lowest places! This is equivalent to the production of raw materials, fewer manufacturers, the competition is not so big, and rare earth excavators directly to the offer is lifted up that is a direct increase in offer prices!

  Power magnets prices soared two factors: Europe and the United States and Japan on China's rare earth rely too much

  From the previous year you can see the news Europe and the United States and Japan on China's restrictions on rare earth exports of dissatisfaction, you may have to ask, they have to import from China, they have a country and other countries do not have it? The answer is no, their country also has rare earth, but China's rare earth offer cheap, they dig out from the offer than we are still high, so they have been cool directly to the rare earth mine, directly from China imports, so China would like Maintenance of rare earth mining, you have to put up the offer, not our NdFeB magnets offer high, is the offer is too low! And even they have told us that the rare earth offer is cabbage price!