Tile-shaped Magnet The Cause Of Rust And Avoid The Method

What are the causes of the rust and the way to avoid the rust?

Watt-shaped magnet put a period of time after the surface will appear white or other colors of the spots, and slowly develop will become rust, under normal circumstances, the plating magnet coating is not easy to rust, the reasons for the emergence of rust will generally have the following circumstances:

1. Watt-shaped magnet stored in the wet, air circulation is not good, the temperature changes in the place;

2. Tile-shaped magnet in the plating surface of the dirt is not a good cleaning;

3. The time of plating is not enough or the process flow problem;

4. Tile-shaped magnet packaging seal damage caused by tile-like magnet oxidation;

Tile-shaped magnet Watt-shaped magnet qualified electroplating products, under normal circumstances, tile-shaped magnet plating coating surface should not appear rust. Watt-shaped magnets should avoid the following custody:

In places where the humidity is too wet and the airflow is not good; the temperature difference is large, even if the product is qualified for long-term storage in the harsh environment, it may produce rust. When the plating products stored in the environment harsh environment, the base layer and further reaction with the condensate, will cause the base layer and the coating of the binding force is reduced, serious also will cause the base of local powder, and then naturally from the skin. Plating products should not be placed in high humidity for a long time and should be placed in a cool, dry place.