What Changes Should The Magnet Change With The Development Of The Times?

What changes should the magnet change with the development of the times?

In fact, China's understanding and use of magnets in the world is relatively early, many ancient books are recorded in the ancient view of the magnet. By the limitations of science and technology, the ancient people mainly use the magnet to compass, for the marine business.

With the development of society, the use of magnets has become increasingly widespread, from simple packaging magnetic to a variety of high-tech products, from the food industry has been extended to military technology, from simple magnetic jewelry to high-end stealth aircraft, the role of the All kinds of. The most used is the NdFeB magnets and ferrite magnets.

NdFeB in the magnetic sector is called magnetic king, this can explain its strong magnetic force, in modern industry and electronic technology is widely used. In the electronic products, it is because the application of NdFeB magnets, the product size can be further reduced, the performance has been greatly improved. The use of permanent magnet materials has become an important indicator of a country's comprehensive national strength and national economic development. NdFeB also in mechanical equipment, health care, craft products, toys and other areas play a useful role.

Ferrite magnets material is stable and brittle, not susceptible to corrosion, anti-demagnetization ability. Mainly divided into four uses. It is used for speakers, pickups, tape recorders, etc., the sound quality of such products more clear and realistic. There is also used in motor vehicles, including wipers, heater, seat motor and so on. Some instrumentation, motor, copier, electro-acoustic, etc. can not escape ferrite. Ferrite magnets are also outstanding contributions in fitness magnetron, massage chairs, microwave devices, and radar.

At present, the production of permanent magnet materials has developed into one of China's major industries and become one of the contributors of the national economy.